MDispo update with billing module

MDispo 3.2.4 was released this week.

Probably the most impressive new feature is the invoice module, which is now available as an extension.

Invoices can be created on the basis of completed transport orders, saved as a PDF or sent from the system by e-mail. Manual additions and edits are of course also possible until the invoice is finalised. Customers who use the invoice module can now add invoice-relevant data to their customers' address records.

In addition to the usual advantages of digital invoicing, the extension to the system already in use saves a lot of time for system customisation, software training and support, as well as the software costs themselves.

No individual interfaces need to be developed and there is no risk of the systems becoming incompatible after an update. If a support case arises, you can simply contact the MONA LOGA support you are familiar with - there is no need to coordinate and test which system or communication of the systems needs to be used.

Request a non-binding callback here or contact us on +49 30 6576 2366 for an extension of your MONA LOGA system to include the accounting module.

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