Natural garden pruning disposal?

Meadows, green branches, fruit - all this belongs in the fields and woods. Don't they? Not if it's garden waste! But why is it even an offence that carries a fine?

Green waste from the lawnmower, for example, has a high density due to the shredding process, which hardly allows any oxygen to pass through. The natural decomposition of organic forest material by soil organisms is thus suffocated, but the roots in the soil are also undernourished. The natural soil layer is also prevented from growing. In addition, dense green waste begins to ferment and smell. Overall, the natural cycle of the forest and groundwater is thrown out of balance by the introduction of additional nutrients and can make flora and fauna ill or attract pests. Even native animal populations can be lured into the cities by unsupervised "feeding", making them dependent on humans and disrupting their natural population control cycles. An overpopulation, for example of red deer, in turn eats away bark and young trees. Affected trees are more susceptible to bark beetles and forest fires. A particular danger is posed by the possible introduction of non-forest plants, which also multiply here as pruning residues and displace other species. If the waste disposal companies cannot be identified and fined, it is the local authorities and taxpayers who have to foot the bill. Where there is waste once, more quickly follows.

Dumped on the edge of a field, it is farmers who are left with these problems and disposal costs. In the worst case, illegal garden waste disposal can poison grazing horses.

So off to the organic waste bin then? This disposal is also only possible in small quantities and in accordance with local regulations. Incineration is increasingly prohibited or strictly regulated.

So what to do with the garden waste? For certain quantities, natural utilisation is preferable - composting in the garden, a deadwood hedge for biodiversity, lawn cuttings as frost protection on flower beds.

For the majority of waste, however, a trip to the recycling centre is necessary. Some garden centres and small waste disposal companies also offer local collection in leaf and green waste bags and containers. In order to ensure that these are neither collected half empty nor do they invite people to leave rubbish next to them, digital services such as those offered by the MONA LOGA container service or the MPortal are suitable. Collections can be scheduled or ordered as required.

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