When the bin freezes

The festive season is a time full of rubbish. Gift wrapping, leftover food, shipping boxes and, finally, the remains of various pyrotechnics accumulate. It is particularly annoying when the winter weather means that the rubbish cannot be collected or the bins are only partially emptied. We have put together some tips on how to avoid this frustration.

Probably the most important step is to prevent the waste from freezing in the bins - waste disposal vehicles shake the bins vigorously, but the bin is not emptied and disposal is deemed to have taken place without replacement emptying.

In the case of residual waste, a bin liner is usually sufficient. Plastic bags must not be used for organic waste, even if they are labelled as biodegradable. Large paper bin liners are an alternative here. Loosely crumpled paper or loose twigs on the ground can also prevent freezing. Leaves have proven to be the opposite of helpful and should be disposed of in separately available leaf or green waste bags.

Disposed waste should be loose and as dry as possible. Where possible, let it drip dry or wrap it in some paper and never stuff it into the bin. Once the waste has frozen together, it should not be forcibly loosened - the cold makes the plastic of the bins brittle, making it easier for damage to occur. Hot water is also unsuitable and could exacerbate the problem.
Where possible, place the bins in a frost-free location the night before collection or at least close to the wall. This not only solves the problem of frozen contents, but also any frozen lids. Always keep them closed to prevent the ingress of moisture; a small branch or piece of cardboard prevents them from closing completely. Automatic locks should also be left unlocked shortly before collection, as they can malfunction when wet.

Finally, pavements and driveways should be kept free of snow. Make sure that you do not simply push the snow from the pavement to the edge of the road, as this is where it is important for the waste collectors to get through.

If the weather conditions on the roads make disposal impossible, we recommend leaving the bins ready for collection.

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