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World Environment Day on 5 June

A public holiday that, in the face of the climate crisis, does not inspire a festive mood.

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When the bin freezes

How you can prevent your waste from not being collected in snow and ice.

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More sustainable Halloween

If you can't or don't want to avoid the "new" festivities, you can enjoy them more consciously with just a few tricks.

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MDispo update with billing module

Following the update to MDispo 3.2.4, which was requested by many customers, it is now possible to extend MONA LOGA with a module for the system's own accounting.

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Natural garden pruning disposal?

Twig to twig, leaf to leaf. Plus a few apples for deer and wild boar. Why this supposedly "good deed" can cost up to €25,000 in fines

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Climate-friendly wastewater management

The heat brings the flood - why and how wastewater and waste should be separated.

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